More ‘Fame’, More Letters, More Fractions

We were very excited today when one of our classmates brought in the Ancaster News and we saw TWO responses to the letter we submitted last week. Our ‘fame’ continues!!

And speaking of letters, today we received an unexpected letter from a student in Edmonton, Alberta. His class is participating in the ‘Great Canadian Mail Race’, where students select a town or city in Canada, find a school to write to, and then hopefully they will do the same. Looks like we were the lucky recipients, so since we are getting to be letter writing pros, we all agreed we wouild like to participate. If students are looking for something to do this weekend, they might want to start seeking out a letter destination!

And the fraction talks continue!!!

Students were asked to offer their opinion today on the use of the word ‘fair’ when describing fractions.

The book we read used the typical examples of food being divided up into fractions to give equal or ‘fair shares‘. At first we were okay with the adjective, but then we started to wonder if fair and equal were the same thing. For example, 4 objects that make up a set may not all have the same value but do make up one fourth of the set. Students quickly noticed the difference between receiving an equal amount vs. an equal value. They did not feel it was fair if one person got one quarter while another got one credit card!!

More Artistic Math

Inspired by some Piet Mondrian art, and provided with measurements, students divided their page into sections. they then selected three colours to paint, as well as including one white section. Students were then asked, “What fraction of your colours were blue?” “What fraction of your page is painted blue?” To answer accurately, students realized they had to think in terms of sets and wholes. 


Another challenge question we have explored: If the following represents two fifths….

 What is the whole? I’ll let you ponder and discuss:)

Enjoy the PA Day. Back to school on Monday – Phys. Ed. period one