Catching Up

After a ‘blogging break’ last week, I’ll try to catch up with a few updates today.

EQAOOur provincial testing for Gr 3 and 6 will begin this week. We were originally scheduled to start tomorrow, but our first day has been changed to Wednesday. The testing will run for 6 days and alternates between the first block of the day (9:00 – 10:40) and the second block (11:20 – 1:00). We’ve discussed that this is only a ‘check in’ to make sure students know how to read, write and do math. Since we know we can do all those things, we are not going to stress or worry about it. Just read questions carefully and do our best.

Trip Forms: Swimming forms are now due so I can organize numbers. Also, apparently there is online payment available for our year end trip. I have not even got the forms to hand out yet and do not get notification of the cash online. Sorry for any confusion, forms will be coming home in the near future.  

Did you hear? As winners of the Eco Challenge by Edge Imaging Photography, last week we were presented with a $250 ‘cheque’ to use towards our next Eco project. We were told we could use the $ to further our water bottle project, so if anyone has any ideas on how we could use the $ to spread our message, feel free to send them our way. We have important decisions to make before the year ends. 


Spreading the Message: I received an email from our pen pals at Allan A. Greenleaf, telling us they enjoyed our Rethink Your Drink videos and have created posters to spread the message around their school. They have also written a letter to Flying Squirrel to help support our request for them to Rethink the water bottles in their birthday packages. We are excited that once again, we have met one of our goals of spreading the message to other schools.

Joining Forces: During Nutrition Breaks, class volunteers have been working to support a project by students at Millgrove School, who we saw at ‘Chase the Future’ at Ancaster Fairgrounds. After investigating food waste at grocery stores, they discovered a program being piloted in Quebec, where food approaching expiry dates gets delivered to food banks instead of getting thrown into dumpsters. They have written a letter petitioning the City of Hamilton to do the same, and we have been helping to spread their message and collect signatures of support, before they meet with the mayor in a week.

Speaking of the mayor… I have not told the students yet, but a certain someone will also be visiting our class next week. City Reps were so impressed during our Week of Tours, they have arranged to have a ‘surprise’ visit. I will likely have to give a heads up that a guest is coming, so we can review our information and be prepared, but please know, you have not heard the end of the water bottle journey….Sorry! 😉