“Can We Buy the Portable?”

Faced with the reality of dismantling our water bottle display, students have been expressing their displeasure.

It was during one of these conversations when one student asked, “Can we use our $250 Eco Challenge money to buy the portable? Then we could keep the display.” Seems logical, but sadly, the price tag is a little steeper than $250. However, the comment did put into motion another idea. How could we use the $ to ‘keep’ our display visible and be used to teach more people?

A few conversations and emails later, and we are now collaborating with Edge Imaging and HWDSB’s Corporate Communications to create a pop up banner, and in a sense, immortalizing our work and message. Of course to add extra drama, the power was cut off in the EcoDisplay portable the day before the photographer came by, but she was gracious and flexible and we managed to pull off the ‘photo shoot’. Not sure how long this whole process will take, but we’ll keep you posted.


One thing we’ve learned this year: From ‘little’ comments can come big ideas!