Let’s Get Caught Up!!

So, it’s been a another busy week with some unexpected twists and turns. A new student arrived Monday morning, Early Settler Day on Tuesday, the unexpected arrival of workers to disconnect our portable (Yikes!!), finishing up swimming, a photo session for our Eco-Display, right after the evacuation drill, and right before the paramedic visit, and, we managed to get our Father’s Day activities completed. All the while, I’ve been trying to finish up report cards! So, for my sanity sake, I had to break from blogging. But, now I’ll try to catch up in more detail.

Some of our Early Settlers got right into the spirit with their authentic lunches, and  inspired us to all compare our lunch ingredients to that of a student 200 years ago.

We tried our hand at weaving, musical chairs with some fiddle music,  and had some outside races (e.g. egg and spoon, sack). Of course, we also had some clean up chores in the ‘school house’.

On Thursday, Spencer’s mom generously volunteered her time by demonstrating some her important skills as a paramedic and allowing us to explore the ambulance and some of the equipment. Role playing is alive and well in Grade 3!  

We received our pen pal letters this week, and it seems they were seeking a bit of ‘revenge’ for our last jigsaw puzzle letters! After the moaning and groaning of assembling their pictures, we were also very excited to learn they liked the video tour of our Water Bottle Display, and, they decided to take action too, by also writing a letter to Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park.

Evacuation Drill: This was just like a fire drill except this time, we brought our belongings with us. In a fire, the objective is get out as fast as we can- no stopping to collect our belongings. In an evacuation, we do not  want responders having to spend precious time looking through every single back pack.

Portable Status: We knew we would have to change portables at the end of the year, BUT, we were supposed to be notified of the date after a meeting of decision makers. So imagine my surprise, when I arrived to find a team full of workers ready to disconnect us! After some calls and emails, we now have a few days reprieve, but we will be moving to another portable in the front row some time next week. 

Swimming: We finished our 3 day Swim to Survive program sessions this week. We would not have been able to go without a volunteer, so we would like to thank Chloe’s mom for volunteering her time. We had fun!