“Was that Change Because of Us?”

The students broke into cheers when they heard the news:

Fees for Bottlers of Water Jumps from $3.71 to $503.71 

They also wondered, “Is the change because of us (and all our work this year)?“. We decided we probably can’t take all the credit, but the change is a good example of what can happen when enough people voice their concerns.

Of course, this news called for a mathematical teaching moment! How many more red leaves need to be added to the ‘money tree’ in our display?

Each green leaf represents $10 that an Ontario resident would have to pay if purchasing 1 million litres of Ontario water. The wee red leaf (actually part of a leaf) represents the $3.71 a water bottle company, Nestle in particular, has to pay for the same amount of water.

Since companies will now have to pay $503.71 for that million litres, we strategized and calculated to determine we would need to add 50 more red leaves. Students noted there is still quite a difference, between residents and companies, but they did feel it was a bit more fair.