“You Rock, Class 3A”- TVO’s Water Brothers

A few weeks ago, we sent an email to TVO’s Water Brothers to thank them for their informative episode titled, ‘Bottlegate’. The show verified many facts we had gathered this year about water bottles. We also told them they were featured on the wall of quotes, in our display . 

We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly we received the following email:

Hi Class 3A!

Thanks so much for writing to us and for your amazing work reducing
plastic waste! It means so much to us to know that our episode has
inspired you to take action, and efforts like yours are why we remain
committed to making environmental documentaries. If you want a new project
to take on after bottles, think about ways to eliminate straws and other
disposable plastics form your cafeteria if you haven¹t already. Straws
cannot be recycled and billions of them are used every day for only a few
minutes, but they last for centuries and end up in our lakes, rivers and
oceans just like bags and bottles. Keep up the amazing work, you rock!

All the best,

Alex Mifflin
The Water Brothers ­ SK FILMS