Sorry Pinterest-No Carbon Copy Gift Giving For Us

Every year the question is asked, “Are we going to make something for Mother’s/Father’s Day?” My response? “Sure, What do you plan to make?”

This question usually takes the students aback. “Aren’t you going to tell us what to make?” So, we discuss that gift giving should be personalized and requires thought. Since they clearly know their parents much better than I do, they should be the ones to decide. So, students are asked to generate their own plan, and to make a list of supplies they will need. I do not check out Pinterest for the latest and greatest ideas. In some ways this is easier, and in other ways more difficult. And yes, sometimes the students’ instinct is to ‘google’ an idea, but, they are reminded to use the work of others as inspiration, not duplication. (This became a non-issue this week, as our internet connection was cut off -another side effect from our unexpected deconstruction this week).

I love seeing the unique results and listening to the reasoning behind each student’s idea. Our gifts are one of a kind creations that may not be featured in a photo shoot, but, are reflective of students’ thoughts, feelings, creativity, and problem solving. And when I asked students for feedback, it was unanimous. They much prefer to individualize their gift giving rather than having the teacher pick the idea and everyone make the same.

I was asked (told) not to post these examples before Father’s Day, so hopefully I’m safe now! (Since we didn’t post Mother’s Day, we’re including samples of those as well).

Our heart felt gifts included: hand painted boxes, jewellery,  framed pictures that involved designing and building, scavenger hunts for seeds, cut out families, personalized diaries, a clay beaker for the scientist dad, flower shaped messages, gifts incorporating photos (students took the initiative to bring in), ‘apps for dad’ card, acrostic poems, rock messages, and of course, for the dad who has to wear a suit every day, you can’t go wrong with a personalized designer tie!