A Postponed Promise/Coming Up …

With the many unexpected twist and turns of switching portables (and emptying our display!!), our plan to make bread and butter had many postponements. But, after using much patience and flexibility, students got their promised opportunity on Friday.

After selecting an egg free recipe, we noted it would take 3 hours and 40 minutes to make. The previous day, students had to calculate the best starting time, taking into account a number of factors: Phys. Ed. first period, the necessity of being present in the room to remove the bread, and, cooling time. Students also selected a comparison tool (chart/Venn diagram) to compare the source of our ingredients in 2017 to those of 1800’s.

While the room filled with the aroma of baking bread, we took turns using some muscular force to make butter. After sampling the results, students felt it was worth the wait!


We also spent some time last week looking at the phrasing used on boxes to persuade people to play the games inside. Do the games live up to their ‘hype’? 


And though there was no box, we also decided to try out a game called SNAKE that helps us practice our multiplication skills. All you need is paper, pencil, and dice. See if your child can explain the game to you!


Monday Bowling Trip    Tuesday: Canada 150 Day**  Wednesday: Play Day (wear assigned team colour) Thursday: Last Day (Can you believe it?!)

** Canada 150 Day is within our own class – students have decided they should wear Canadiana clothing/colours etc., have a picnic lunch if weather permits, and generated ideas for different Canadian type activities