Looking at Large Numbers

Over these first couple weeks, we are looking at large numbers (to the millions) – how to read, write and represent them. In addition to demonstrating our knowledge in small groups, students were asked to match a variety of large numbers to descriptors that made sense for their number. The surprising facts came from National Geographic and a DLK books. Did you know our bodies contain about 96 561 km of blood vessels? Slugs have 3 000 teeth, there are 31 556 926 seconds in a year, and, a lock of Elvis Presley’s hair once sold for       $115 120!


We then looked at the design of the pages within, to incorporate some media. We identified the audience and purpose of the pages, as well as the strategies used to effectively engage readers. (different fonts, colours, pictures, layouts etc.)


Students are now working to create their own page design, utilizing facts that incorporate large numbers (represented in words and numerals), and, the strategies/features they feel will attract others to read their facts.

Homework: Students have been asked to bring in two more large number facts to school by Thursday.