Monarchs in Our Classroom

No matter what the grade, monarch caterpillars can find a place in the curriculum. In Grade 6, our 3 caterpillars (four if you count the chrysalis), are helping us engage in conversations about biodiversity.

One of the ways biodiversity is shown is within a species. (e.g. butterflies). 

But why is there a need for so many kinds of butterflies? For a few years, many people have been concerned about the decline of monarch butterflies. But does it matter if they go extinct? What would happen?  

During writing workshop, we discussed the difference between ‘thin’ and ‘thick’ questions a writer might ask to produce an informative, deep thinking piece of writing. We have just started generating our own topics to support the big idea: Biodiversity is critical to the health of the planet. Once students have narrowed down their topic, and generated some thick (deep thinking) questions, they are encouraged to gather information from which to research. They will be doing the writing at school.

Reminder about tomorrow: Large number facts are due. Meet the Teacher 5:30-7:00.