‘Luck of the Draw’ Seating

We have a variety of seating options in our class and during the first week, students selected their seat of choice as they entered each day.

This week we have changed it up a bit. Desks/Tables were numbered (into the millions) and students prepared a number word card to match each spot. Now, as students enter, they select a card from a bag and must find their corresponding #. Not only are we reinforcing some number sense, but we are challenging our flexibility, getting a chance to explore different seating options, and, learning to collaborate with a variety of classmates. 

We might find ourselves at a table for 3, a cozy spot for 2, a window seat with plenty of natural lighting, or high up at a counter ‘desk’.  


Students are not ‘glued’ to these spots, however. Bean bag chairs, saucer chairs, milk crates, the floor, and the carpet are popular reading locations.