We’ve Also Been…

… Using Student Council Election posters for some Media Response work. What is the purpose of the poster? What is the overt message? The implied message? What strategies were used to convey the message? What is your opinion on the effectiveness of the poster?

…Demonstrating our Learning Skills- This afternoon, we did a touch of S.D.L. (self directed learning) to test out our self regulation skills. Students were reminded of some tasks that needed to be done, and were asked to generate a ‘post – it plan’ of how they would organize their time to complete the tasks. Students kept their plans nearby, checked off completed tasks as they went, and finished off with a self assessment. We later shared our successes, and our challenges in hopes that we could learn from each other for next time. 

…Watching and waiting for our butterflies to emerge, and of course, it happened during French! At first students were curious why one was so small. But we realized the small size was an indication of how recently it had emerged, wings still folded up from being inside the chrysalis. One more butterfly to go!