Week of October 2

Today we had some math talks about the following questions:

Which does not belong? (WDNB) How do we read these numbers? A decimal is a number. True or False

Math talks are a regular part of our math program and allow for students to strengthen their communication skills as they share their understandings through group discussions that are respectful and encourage risk taking. In addition to using our listening skills, contributing ideas and/or asking for clarification is a great way to take responsibility for our learning. We are respectful of others’ ideas and use language like, “I would like to add on to what…..said” or “I respectively disagree because…”

Media Homework: Building on work we have done in class, students have been asked to create an election poster for a position (real or imaginary) that they would run for if they could. An outline was sent home today. Due next Tuesday Oct. 10

Photo Day – originally scheduled for tomorrow, photo day has been postponed until October 23

Terry Fox Run/Get Acquainted Day: This Friday students will be spending most of the day outdoors- dress accordingly. Harvey lunch will be available.

Looking Back: Last week we released our butterfly ‘friends’- one male, one female. Can you tell which is which?