“Best math class ever!”

So, when your classroom has a kitchen, you gotta cook, right? Students have been asking to cook again (I knew I was in trouble after baking the first day!), so I told them I would look for curriculum expectations we can incorporate. As a result, today we made some pumpkin waffles. 

First, students were given a recipe for 8 waffles, and had to adjust the amounts for their group of four. To make this activity more challenging, the amounts had been altered to include fractions, decimals and units that needed conversions. Groups of four then followed their recipe, where they came upon a few challenges. For instance, not all the measuring cups/spoons matched their recipes so they had to calculate how they would use alternate tools. Also, the brown sugar’s unit was grams, so they had to use a scale. They also had to account for the mass of the container that held the sugar.

While their timer did the cooking count down, students were responsible for washing up dishes for the next group, and then enjoyed the ‘fruits of their labour”. We recognized many of the ways that math helped us make waffles, though we forgot to mention the time management factor. Our last cooks were down to the wire. It was a busy afternoon, but hearing students exclaim,  “This was the best math class ever”, makes all the effort worth it!

Earlier this week, we were active listeners during the election speeches, keeping notes about effective strategies, before then voting.

And, we said goodbye to our final butterfly on Wednesday. From the safety of our classroom, to a windy day outside, Jade clung to the school for a while before setting off. The students have enjoyed our monarch butterfly season, but are now asking about  getting a new pet.  I’m kinda fond of the Chia Pet or Pet Rock suggestions!! 🙂 

TERRY FOX RUN and PLAY DAY tomorrow. Harvey’s lunch available. Note with prices was sent home today.

PIZZA, SUBS, PITA PIT forms were sent home with interested students. All due next week.

MEDIA HOMEWORK – Due on Tuesday. Congrats to the students who brought their election posters in early. Good show of initiative and organization.