Midweek Update

Spectator Ad Contest: Late today we received notice that our client is the Hamilton Bulldogs. The team has given us a list of requirements they’d like to see in their ad, and will select the ad design that best meets their needs. We will be submitting our entries next week.

More measuring:  We have worked in small groups to review conversion skills and helped each other confirm estimates of various measurements. We also came up with our own wacky comparisons to calculate (inspired from a series of books we had looked at earlier in the month). Some of our ideas: How many giant squids to match the length of our hall? How many mini marshmallows to match the height of the fridge? How many pigeons to match the height of Mount Logan? How many CN Towers (lined up on their side) would be needed to cover the length of Canada (east to west)? What is the mass of a classroom chair in pretzels? 

We will be using our calculations to design a slideshow during Learning Commons with Mrs. W.

Tomorrow: Pyjama Day (for cozying up to read on Literacy Day) 

Friday: Measurement Homework due, Scientists in the Classroom coming