Week of February 5

As we head into a new week, I first want to show a few highlights from Friday’s visit from the Scientist in the Classroom program. Our guest took us through several experiments. We determined the type of charges transferred from a balloon to  a piece of foil in a jar, ‘built’ a battery to charge a calculator, and tested different strategies for increasing the voltage. We built different circuits and used proper symbols to make diagrams, and tested out electromagnetic energy.

So this week…

Today we got going on our ad design for the Spectator contest. As previously mentioned, we are designing an ad for the Hamilton Bulldogs. Originally, they had quite a few specifications but many of them were dependent on the results of this Thursday’s game- the day we are aiming to be done. So instead, we now have to get a bit more creative. We are to come up with our own headlines with the theme of teamwork. As we get further along, we’ll share some of our ideas.

Ski Trip Reminder- Students going skiing are to meet at the school at 7:15. For the rest of us (2/3 of the class), it will be business as usual (sort of- we’ll have gym instead of MAD and no French).

Pizza Forms-students were offered pizza forms for the next session. Due on Feb. 14

Thursday Deadline – This week’s assignment- students are to provide an outline of their plans for their secret friend. 

Friday- Outdoor ‘Olympics’ – Students should be prepared to spend extra time outside (Period 3 and 4) engaged in fun cross graded ‘Olympic activities’.