Meeting Our Ad Deadline

With tomorrow’s deadline looming, we gave each other feedback today so we could add some finishing touches to our Bulldog ads. A few of our efforts can be seen below: 

Homework: I was hoping to get our homework note ready today but had a few ‘slow downs’, and will  have to send out details tomorrow. We did write a message in our agenda, however, to remind students to select a topic for their speech, and write a first draft for next Friday. Students who are interested in competing at the school level, will need to be ready to present their speeches at the end of the month. The rest of the class will have another week or so if they need it. Drafts should be written/typed with double spacing (skip ‘lines’) to make room for revisions. 

*****Reminder**** – Students will be outside tomorrow for ‘Olympic Day’ so they should be dressed accordingly.