Secret Friend Reflection

There was lots of excitement last week as students implemented their Secret Friend plans. With a range of surprises that included decorated lockers, treats (bought and made), and kind notes and cards, everyone enjoyed having their day brightened. Students later wrote a reflection with comments like:  “I appreciate the thought my secret friend put into my gifts.” “I felt good about myself when my secret friend liked the surprises I left.” “I liked the idea of this activity because it was fun each day waiting and seeing people’s reactions.” “This was a really great way to be nice to one another.” “This was a great way to get know someone else better.” “Doing secret friend has probably left other students in the class feeling good about themselves because they were so thoughtful and generous.” “I think it was amazing that all these people who may not know you that well, took the time to read your information and then make it even better.” “It was awesome and brightened up every day. I hope we can something like this again.”


In other ‘News’…

We spent some time reading our speech drafts to each other to give feedback,   

explained our science art that finally came out of the front display to a Gr. 5 class,


generated some of our own similies ,


and have been working on surface area of prisms.

Students were asked to demonstrate self regulation and initiative: Determine which type of practise questions to take home and manage their time to see how many they can complete by next Tuesday.

A trip form was sent home today to be returned ASAP and a reminder for skating this Friday.