Week End Update

Friday was another great morning of skating, where once again, our ‘new to skating friends’ got some helpful guidance from their classmates, and showed clear improvement. Nice team effort!!

Upon our return, we browsed through all the selected ads in the Spectator Contest, which included both 6A and 6B. Each student received a copy to bring home.

Math:  We have been working on surface area and volume of prisms.

Language: Using some Olympic commercials, we identified the features of this form of media, and found that some messages were subtle and we had to infer meaning. We also worked on making revisions to our speeches.  

Science: Students were given a list of curriculum expectations earlier in the month and asked to select a form of communication that would allow them to demonstrate their knowledge. They had to generate a plan and are currently working to follow their plans. I’ll try to remember to take photos during our next session to post!


Wednesday: Trip to Eco-House- PLEASE return forms, if you have not already done so.

Tuesday: Math Homework Due 

Please return Report Card Envelopes 

Friday: PA Day