Eco House Visit

It was nice change of scenery in which to do our learning today as we spent the afternoon at Hamilton’s Eco House. In addition to being respectful visitors and active participants, students were asked to look for information they could incorporate into their current science project at school.

Today’s activities included:

identifying a variety of mystery objects and presenting our ideas on how we thought the objects could help conserve energy, 

creating a decomposition timeline of organic and manufactured products,  

observing the process of composting,

playing a group game about energy usage,

learning about the value of hybrid and community share cars,

a mathematical game calculating the usage of non renewable and renewable resources, and


comparing the amount of water used for different toilets. 

And one invention that impressed many of us, was a toilet that incorporates a sink on top of its tank. When the toilet is flushed, the clean water from the tank goes to the tap for people to wash their hands before it enters the toilet bowl. 

Tomorrow we will utilize an information booklet that was given to us as we left and work to incorporate ideas from the trip into our projects.