Lots of Math Today

It was a very math focused day today. In addition to ‘warming-up’ with some surface area and volume calculations,


we did a number of geometric activities involving linking cubes. These are the same manipulatives we have used with our isometric drawings.

We were challenged to : recreate an irregular 3D structure based on verbal descriptions of its top view, side view and front view. We realized the importance of clear, precise communication when comparing our resulting interpretations!

We then took turns being both the describer and the listener.

Another challenge was to create 8 different 4 cube structures and then use combinations of them to construct  a new structure based on an isometric image.

It was interesting to see who was willing to persevere and who was tempted to give up because it was hard! We then wrote a reflection about our experiences and discoveries.

During another part of our day we took some time to further consider information about straw pollution (a continuation of last week’s discoveries). Rotating in small groups, we read information from various sources and generated some more of our own wonders that we plan to further explore.


In other news… 6 of our classmates earned E for initiative as they challenged themselves to present their speeches yesterday in hopes of representing the Gr 6 classes at the school level. I have to say, I’m not cut out to be a judge! I am so proud of each of them for their courage, preparation, and clear, confident voices, that I want them all to represent us! So, in collaboration with Ms. Steinberg and all the Gr 6 students, a decision was made, and our 2 Gr. 6 representatives will be presenting tomorrow. Good luck to them both. We are confident you will make us proud!

The rest of the class have the rest of this week and the first week after the break to present a speech within the class.