‘Straw Inspired’ Learning

From our discovery of the number of drinking straws disposed of each day, to the United Nations’ declaration of the level of plastics in our oceans as a crisis, we generated 2 main questions to explore: What is being done around the world to help keep straws (and other plastics) out of our oceans/waters? How can we use the information to help us take action in Waterdown?

Today we spent time gathering, recording, and sharing pertinent information to help answer our questions. As we find places in the world where governments or non governmental groups have taken some sort of action, we are adding  latitude and longitude points to our map, using colour coding to indicate the type of action being taken. Did you know…  in Kenya you can receive a $40 000 fine or jail time for producing or distributing plastic bags? Seattle is one of the the first major cities to ban plastic straws and utensils? Several communities around the world have stopped using plastic drinking straws at the request of local school children?  We are inspired to take action, but we also know we have to gather enough facts in order to communicate effectively. So, we will continue to track the usage of straws at our school, visit or call restaurants to estimate the use of straws in Waterdown, look at media texts like logos and slogans, read and interpret graphs, and then, plan our next steps. To be continued…  

 Image result for no straw logo


HOMEWORK REMINDER: Students are to be reading their Kenneth Oppel book to be ready for their first book talk on Friday.