Research, Reviews, & Read Alouds

Our current media challenge is to design a logo and slogan to accompany our No Straw initiative.  In addition to analyzing logos used by other campaigns, we found some helpful design tips online to guide our ‘creative juices’. 

We have been reviewing what clear communication looks like in regards to describing transformations and have had several opportunities to practice. Some students showed initiative by bringing their homework in early so they could get feedback. 

Over the years, I have come across many great picture books that are clever, entertaining, communicate a meaningful message, and, utilize many of the writing strategies we talk about in our Gr. 6 class. So, as another form of oral communication, we have begun taking turns presenting a read aloud to our classmates. Before reading, each pair of students present an interesting fact about the author and illustrator, strategies used in the writing, and, what they feel the author is trying to communicate (big idea). While listening to see if they agree or not, classmates also use the opportunity to collect and record interesting words, that could be used in their own writing. Having students appreciate a good picture book, practising on their own time, discussing writing strategies, and asking to go next, is a pretty good ‘problem’ to have!!