Congrats! and More

So to start, we want to congratulate our classmate S.M. for her success at the Oral Communications Festival at AM Cunningham School today! She came in second place and will be moving on to the next level of competition at the Board Office. We`re very proud of her.

Monday is when the school will be holding its Earth Day Assembly and we have been asked to share our work about straw pollution. (Very timely, if you`ve listened to the news today!) We are preparing a slide show, and each of us will have a speaking part during the presentation.

We have started work on Data Management this week, discussing the differences between reading, interpreting, and drawing conclusions. To go a little deeper with our thinking, we also tried to determine what information or data was NOT provided. We noted that Tetley included an easy to read graph on their tea box with a specific purpose in mind: To persuade people to avoid high levels of caffeine consumption by switching from coffee to tea. However, we also noted (after some discussion), that decaffeinated tea was shown but decaffeinated coffee was not. Suspecting that perhaps the information might not serve their purpose, we did a bit of research and, sure enough. The amount of caffeine in decaf coffee is less than in a regular cup of tea. Not information Tetley might want to highlight. The fact there is caffeine in `decaf anything` was a whole other question!