Student Activism at Work

Call to City Hall

In response to a project I was involved with last year at Ancaster Meadow, I received a call from the office of City Councillor Aidan Johnson. They offered me an opportunity to bring the students to City Hall to speak on behalf of the environmental impact of water bottles. I explained I am no longer at Ancaster Meadow but could probably round up some interested students.

Several students from our class expressed interest and took home a note last week. On Friday I reminded them to please get back to me ASAP (regarding transportation), so I can  confirm numbers. We will be collaborating with a few of my last year students for a short presentation on May 14th. What a great opportunity!

G7 Summit

On Friday, we took the opportunity to send an email to a government site looking for feedback on issues discussed at this year’s G7 Summit in Quebec. After our research on plastic pollution, we felt we wanted to express our support for talks and action on environmental issues.

Tomorrow, we will be sharing our work through a slide show presentation at the school’s Earth Day Assembly. 

Happy Earth Day!