Playing Catch Up, Again!

Wow- I’m not sure how time has slipped away so fast since our last post, but we’ll try to catch you up.

In the class…

Math: As part of our data management, we have looked at representative and bias samples, the difference between mean, median and mode, and, discreet vs.continuous data.

Reading and Writing- We have been looking at sample EQAO questions, and reviewing how we can ‘bump up’ our work. EQAO will start next week. We recorded exact dates in our agenda.

Oral Language – We are in the middle of yet another round of speeches and it’s great to see how our skills have progressed over the year. As one student remarked, “We have done so many, I don’t even get nervous anymore.”

Media and Science: Students are currently designing a brochure meant to persuade audiences to travel to a destination in space. Several students are getting creative with fictional planets but are also making sure to include factual information about the existing bodies in space.

Social Studies: To supplement the work we have done in class, Mrs. W is having the students present information about global communities during Learning Commons.

Outside the Classroom

Over the last little while, many activities have been taking place. We have had Health presentations about concussions and vaping, Jump Rope for Heart, a successful trip to the planetarium at McMaster, and Open House (nice to see so many people come out).

On the ‘activism front’, we have also made some progress.  Look for a separate post coming soon. Like tonight!