City Hall Thoughts

After their City Hall experience on Monday, students wrote an entry in their Reflection Books. I thought I would share a few of the comments that I found honest, humorous, and perceptive.

“A lot of the presenters were really confusing, except for ours. I found that they listened to us more than the adults.”

“I had a great time because we got to take pictures in the Hamilton sign.”

“Awesome. That’s what it was, awesome!

“I really was amazed that two of the councilors were not even paying attention to any of the presenters. They were just talking to each other and they were on their phones. How did they even get a job?”

“During the meeting, some parts were interesting and I think we did influence most of the people,  but, I think that some of the councilors were not listening to us and didn’t care.”

“I was timid during the practice run but once we were back in the chamber, I was pretty confident. My favourite part was how we could dress up.

If I had the opportunity to go back to City Hall, I would take it in a heartbeat!”

“I was scared at first, but then we did a run through and then it was fine. When I was reading my part in the actual City Hall presentation, I said to myself, in my head – Are those butterflies? Nope, I’m just hungry. So, I got a doughnut after it!”